Audio Books and Your Brain

Books on tape have been popular for generations, but with the availability of online audio books, you do not have to go to your public library to take advantage of listening to your favorite books.  Some people believe that you can absorb information while you sleep, and lots of people feel that it is wishful thinking.  But is there any truth to what they say?

New research has come out that says, no, it’s not all in your head—you can absorb information from listening to audio books.  It turns out that after lots of research using MRI technology, you can learn the information that you hear on an audio book as well as when you actually read the book the old-fashioned way.

This is good news for book lovers who have felt guilty about not having enough time to sit down and read. 

The beauty about audio books is that you can listen to them anywhere, any place, and anytime.  Want to learn something new?  Listen to an audio book.  Want to master a foreign language?  Listen to an audio book.  Want to expand your literary horizons?  Listen to an audio book.  The possibilities are endless with audio books!

Now the only problem you will face is figuring out what you’d like to listen to. 

Luckily, finding audio books that keep your attention through talented narrators and creative writers is really easy.  You can find accounts on major online retailers that allow you to download books straight to your device.  Really, without having to find a library or deal with having a library card, how much easier could it be to find enriching content?

 Your brain works with the language the same way that it does when it reads material. 

It actually doesn’t differentiate between visual language and auditory language.  So go ahead, and help your brain by listening to audio books!