Online companies are getting more popular and simple to start, and the demand from American customers is unavoidable. In only two years, yearly eCommerce retail sales in the United States have increased from $390 billion to over $500 billion, with revenues expected to exceed $700 billion by 2022. However, eCommerce isn’t the only form of online business that’s gaining popularity. From writing to marketing to consultancy, several sectors are becoming increasingly digital.

One of the most appealing aspects of establishing an internet business is the freedom to work as much or as little as you want, from anywhere you want. There’s certainly a business idea on this list that can help you reach your objectives as an internet entrepreneur, whether you’re seeking to establish an online empire or just make some extra cash on the side.

1. eBay Store

For ambitious self-starters who desire a flexible schedule and are already familiar with eBay, opening an eBay business is a wonderful idea. Knowing what sells well, how to price items appropriately, and how to get your listings noticed can help you succeed in this industry. It’s also a business you may tailor to your specific interests and expertise, making it both enjoyable and profitable.

Only the seller’s time and scope restrict the possibilities for growth. Finding a specialist or niche sector where you can offer popular items that you care about is a winning technique. With cheap starting and maintenance costs, your income potential is practically limitless once you get things going.

2. Etsy Store

Anyone who likes producing handcrafted things or hunting out vintage finds could enjoy running an Etsy shop. This is a great place for artists to sell their work, as well as anybody who is passionate about making and selling well-made items. To advertise their items, sellers must have the abilities necessary to locate or develop the things they offer, as well as basic computer skills and expertise with marketing and/or promotion.

These fundamental abilities, along with a strong entrepreneurial attitude, may help you turn your pastime into a profitable business venture. While you may choose a part-time job with limited hours, the income potential is genuine, with some vendors earning six figures. When a seller’s company outgrows Etsy, the platform even offers a programme to assist them in launching their own website.

3. eCommerce Store

An eCommerce store may be the ideal company for you if you want to supply people with the items and services they require. eCommerce businesses make a genuine impact in people’s lives by providing low-cost access to a wide range of goods and services. You’ll need a reasonable amount of seed money to cover your website, servers, any staff, marketing, and other company services, and you’ll need some expertise of web design, marketing, internet security, and computer programming to get things started.

However, with online shopping becoming more popular by the day, an eCommerce business’s development potential is limited only by its ability to locate the proper product or niche.

4. eBook Store

An eBook store is a fantastic way to generate a steady stream of revenue. Those who want to write books and sell them online can do so using a number of eCommerce platforms. You may sell eBooks in a variety of locations, including Amazon Kindle, Nook, and your own website.

If you’re prepared to handle all of the design, drawing, and editing work yourself, costs can be kept to a minimum. You might easily spend more than $2,000 on these services if you don’t. Profits can vary dramatically, as they might with any literary endeavour. Authors may expect to make approximately $10,000 per year on average. Some of the most well-known self-published writers, on the other hand, earn six figures to a few million dollars every year. If you enjoy writing, this is a low-risk method to enter into the field.

5. Marketplace Website Business

A marketplace website, often known as an online marketplace, is a website that allows consumers and sellers to trade products and services. Anyone with a strong interest in a certain subject could appreciate operating a marketplace website. These sites are typically devoted to certain niches, bringing together suppliers and buyers who have an interest in that field. Amazon, Uber, and eBay are all well-known marketplace platforms, but smaller sites are springing up all the time, catering to specialised niche merchants.

Startup expenses vary a lot depending on how you want to build your site, but they’re usually rather costly. Building a high-quality website from the ground up might cost more than $100,000. Even if you choose a lower-cost monthly plan, you’ll need to put in a significant amount of effort to attract enough web traffic to make your site profitable. Despite the hefty beginning expenses, the profit potential is enormous as the company expands. Every year, the most successful firms generate billions of dollars.